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No question, the Aston Martin DBS is a looker. Good enough for James Bond, good enough for us (even though Bond could’ve saved Her Majesty a cool $100K by using a V12 Vantage with the same output as the DBS). Well, Aston Martin’s svelte darling will soon say farewell after five years to make way for a not-yet-revealed model. As a last hurrah, they’ve released the Aston Martin DBS Ultimate (Coupe, $287,576; Volante, $302,576), with aesthetic upgrades that would, no doubt, put a bee in M’s bonnet.

Let’s start with exterior touches. The badging denotes its special nature, plus the DBS Ultimate comes with colored brake calipers in your choice of black, red or subtle yellow, blackened grille, smoke-tinted taillights, something called Zircotec coating the tailpipes and a painted spoiler. The interior gets contrasting red or silver stitching on the seats and headliner in that lovely diamond pattern that makes everything but men’s outerwear look sophisticated. Only 100 will be made, so start elbowing your way through the crowd with the checkbook from your Swiss bank account.

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