BMW Zagato Coupe

Ossobucco and Sauerkraut, anyone?


Zagato, the Milanese automotive design house, doesn’t really have to uphold its longstanding and stellar reputation for producing some of the most beautiful vehicles this side of oxygenated planets. The BMW Zagato Coupe, recently created for the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, one of the most prestigious automobile and motorcycle events around. If you think it’s just a rehash of the stock BMW Z4, you’d better get your eyes checked. The entire body was hand-crafted, despite the use of modern design techniques and technology. More details about this special automobile, photos, and a fascinating video clip on how the collaboration between the two companies took place, all after the jump.

The design is clearly both fluid and sinewy, while evoking both BMW and Zagato styling cues. One of our favorite aspects are the Zs embedded into the BMW kidney grilles in three modes, the first using matte finish Zs that are viewable straight on, the second using blackened Zs octagonally, and the third using chrome Zs on the sides of the same octagons. This level of detail sets Zagato apart from the rest. The smooth Kamm-tail rear end that provides a clean finish to the tapered rear haunches and the signature twin-bubble roof also let everyone know that this is no standard Z4 but one blessed with the Zagato touch. Rumors of limited production have surfaced, and we hope the rumor comes to fruition. It might just be the best looking Bimmer we’ve come across in a while.

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