We’ve Got Great News for Fans of Chevrolet’s Best Off-Road Pickup Truck

The Colorado ZR2 Bison has proven extremely popular— so Chevy will likely make more of them for 2020.

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Off-road accessorization has revitalized the midsize truck segment. GM was the first American manufacturer to prove the theory with the kitted-out Chevy Colorado ZR2 that debuted in 2017. Then, facing increased competition from Ford and Jeep, Chevy raised the ante further by partnering with American Expedition Vehicles on an even more loaded ZR2 Bison. That truck, it turns out, has been so popular Chevy needs to make more of them.

AEV marketing manager Matt Felderman told Muscle Cars & Trucks GM is allocating more space for an increased production run of the Colorado ZR2 Bison for 2020, perhaps building 2,500 vehicles. Odds seem good each and every one will sell; the 2,000 examples of the ZR2 Bison made for 2019 sold out even before the first truck was delivered.

The Bison trim will be available for 2020 as a $5,750 package on the standard ZR2 (which starts at an MSRP of $41,400). The package pushes the ZR2 close to or into the $50,000 range — more than double the base Colorado. But, given the cost similar mods would rack up in the aftermarket, it’s still a solid deal. (Whether one would want those mods on a ZR2, a Jeep Gladiator, or a Toyota Tacoma may be more a matter of taste than capability.)

Felderman also told MC&T that AEV would offer some form of “Bison Plus” aftermarket package beyond the Colorado ZR2 Bison assembled by GM. That to-be-named package would add high-clearance fenders that would accommodate bigger 35-inch tires (the stock version has 31-inch units). AEV had pushed for bigger tires during the initial Bison design process, Felderman said, but could not get GM to sign off on the plan.

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