Live Your Back To The Future Fantasy With This Vintage Toyota Pickup

Sure, the DeLorean got all the press—but you know you really wanted Marty’s gorgeous pickup tuck.


The time-traveling DeLorean is the iconic ride from Back to the Future movies. But, for car enthusiasts, there’s another memorable vehicle in that flick: Marty McFly’s 1985 Toyota SR5 Pickup (a.k.a. the Hilux), which was the predecessor to the beloved Tacoma. And we’ve got good news for anyone whose taste in off-roaders was shaped by that time-travel film: Later this week, Barrett-Jackson will auction a Toyota truck in Las Vegas that may not be Marty’s exact spec, but it’s pretty darn close.

The differences are minimal. This Toyota truck is a 1986 model. It’s gray, not black. It has a different light bar. It’s also the Deluxe trim, which was a step below the SR5, and offered a slightly-less-powerful 103 horsepower version of the 2.4-liter engine. It does have the same five-speed manual transmission, with the shifter located conveniently between the legs of the middle-seat occupant.

Barrett-Jackson does not mention the mileage for this listing, but the Toyota Deluxe Pickup seen here looks restored and impeccably clean. Besides, Toyota Hilux trucks are legendarily indestructible. It wouldn’t be a bad rig for heading out to the lake and throwing a couple of sleeping bags in the back. (And hey, it’s hard to beat a 1980s-era Toyota off-roader for pure charm.)

So, okay: this isn’t the precise truck from Back to the Future. But Marty wouldn’t have turned it down if it mysteriously showed up in his garage, and it still would have incited Flea to roll up on him at a stoplight. That said, if you prefer your nostalgic trucks a bit more modern, Toyota did produce a custom Back to the Future edition of the Tacoma for 2016, so you can always wait for one of those to hit the auction block.

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