Gnarboards Trail Rider

Not exactly ollie friendly


Grabbing ahold of the back of a moving car may seem like a good way to pick up some serious speed on your skateboard, but it is an even better way to end up in traction (and we don’t mean the grippy kind).

If you want to move like you have a motor on your board, then just get a board with a motor on it. A board like the Gnarboards Trail Rider ($6,100), a 64-pound 4WD electric skateboard powered by four electric motors producing 850 watts of outputs, each. That’s enough power for a 0-28 mph acceleration time of 1.9 seconds. Featuring a double-ended, wire-hanger trigger, the aluminum skate deck can run up to 16 miles after only a 2-hour charge, and the all-terrain tires offer serious ground clearance for off-road thrashing. The Rachet-Style MBS Foot Bindings keep you from flying off if, by chance, you squeeze the toggle too hard (squeezing it in the opposite direction engages the brakes).

Gnarboards, known for creating some of the best electric skateboards on the market also offers slightly less expensive models, like the Road Warrior ($5,500) or the Commuter ($4,800), but if you’re already dropping this much cash on an electric rig you might as well just go for the bruiser.

Buy Now: $6,100

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