Turn Your Jeep Gladiator Into an Overlanding Camper With This Truck Topper

This lightweight addition converts the Gladiator into a formidable, trail-ready camper that sleeps two.


Off-road campers, your day has been made: Arizona-based Adventure Trailers can now fit its Summit Truck Topper camper bed plug to the Jeep Gladiator. The truck topper can convert Jeep’s already-badass midsize truck into a self-contained, trail-ready overlander.

AT makes the Summit from a lightweight aluminum shell and a honeycomb composite. The entire unit weighs just 350 pounds — leaving ample room to operate within the Gladiator’s max payload. The roof has a 600-pound capacity, and can be walked on top of. It can also hold gear with an optional roof rack (that’ll run you $804).

The Summit’s pop-up shelter comfortably sleeps two, thanks to the long cab overhang. The tent is fire-retardant and UV resistant, has snag-free mosquito netting and can offer four-season functionality thanks to a Thinsulate liner. The bedding can remain in place on the built-in mattress when the pop-top closes. Buyers can customize the carpeted interior of the unit, adding cargo netting, shelved storage, a 12-volt power supply and a portable kitchen, among other features.

Adventure Trailers’s hand-building process for the Summit takes about eight weeks. Adding the setup to your Jeep pickup truck will cost you at least $9,100. That’s not cheap, but it’s more cost-effective than a well-appointed camper trailer. And not having to worry about towing a trailer makes it easier to enjoy the off-road driving experience — which is presumably why you chose to buy a Jeep.

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