The Jeep Wrangler’s Coolest New Option May Be Surprisingly Expensive

The Wrangler’s new diesel engine should be awesome, but you’re going to pay for every bit of that awesomeness.


At long last, Jeep is about to give Wrangler enthusiasts the diesel engine they’ve long desired. That powertrain will supply the Wrangler about 200 more pound-feet of torque for off-roading and towing. Judging from the EPA numbers of the Ram 1500 that uses the same engine, it will also improve fuel economy and range.

That diesel option, however, will apparently not come cheaply. Leaked Wrangler diesel pricing reveals that the new engine will cost $4,000 more than the stock gasoline V6. That engine also requires opting for an eight-speed automatic transmission, which brings the total cost of the powertrain to $6,000. That’s a significant premium for the Wrangler enthusiast deciding between diesel torque or the traditional V6-and-manual-gearbox combo.

And that’s on top of a Jeep that’s been growing more expensive overall. A fully-loaded Wrangler Rubicon starts at more than $43,000, once you factor in the destination charge. That diesel engine would put you close to $50,000. Start tacking on “extravagances” like a hard top, the cold-weather package and floor mats, and it’s easy to nudge the final price toward $60,000.

The market may bear that steep pricing; after all, the average transaction price for a Jeep Gladiator has been sitting around $56,000. (And that’s what buyers are paying before hitting the aftermarket.) But still, at these prices, we’re talking about the Jeep Wrangler rivaling the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 in the compact SUV segment. The Wrangler may not be a luxury car, but it sure is priced like one.

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