The Jeep Wrangler You Really Want Has a Cheap Lease Deal, But Act Fast

Jeep has an outstanding lease deal on the Wrangler, but only through the end of October.


Listen up, all you Jeep lovers out there — you’re gonna want to hear this. We’ve heard quite a bit about the Jeep Gladiator’s high residual value and consequent low lease prices, but it’s not the only off-roader from the brand you can snag a deal on. For October, Jeep is matching — if not exceeding — those deals for the Wrangler Unlimited as part of its Adventure Days promotion. There doesn’t seem to be any catch: you can get the Wrangler you want at a great price.

The offer is for the Wrangler Unlimited Sport 4×4; it’s available for only $231 per month on a 36-month, 10,000-mile per year lease with a $3,995 down payment. The deal expires on Oct. 31, however.

Jeep is not limiting you to the less-desirable powertrain or vehicles with the “air conditioning bypass” option with this lease setup. You can get the V6 with the preferred six-speed manual transmission if you so desire. This deal, moreover, is not even a 2019 inventory clearout; it’s for 2020 model year Wranglers. About the only downside is that the Sport trim comes with a small-ish 5.0-inch touchscreen.

Die-hard Wrangler enthusiasts will probably still want to modify their rigs with off-roading upgrades, or wait around to see what’s up with the new diesel engine. But this low price should appeal to buyers who might not have been considering the Wrangler because they didn’t think they could afford one. If that’s you, head down to your dealership pronto.

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