Reliant Rugged Robin



After the worldwide, ignominious ridicule of the Reliant Robin three-wheeled car on an episode of Top Gear, one man in the UK simply had enough. The Reliant Robin has quite a cult following in the Queen’s country, largely due to its quirkiness and probably extreme economy. A threatening demon of speed it is not. Well, Mr. Bernard Reeves of East Sussex went all Mad Max on his Reliant Robin by outfitting it with mini military tracks and, uh, some serious firepower.

Mr. Reeves, who is clearly not a gun control advocate, went full-on with a Browning .50 cal machine gun that’s mounted on the top and a pair of Vickers machine guns, which should silence any verbose TV hosts from picking on it. It still, however, can probably be knocked over if kicked hard enough. It also sports a small outboard engine, which we assume is for amphibious travel, though there’s no real proof this mini half-track can go aquatic. The “Rugged Robin” does retain its paltry 850cc land-based engine but can hit speeds of 50 mph on wet ground due to its new shoes. But it doesn’t have to go that fast. All you have to do is pull the trigger to slow your racing competitors (and detractors) down.

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