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The Best Batmobile in Batman History Just Got an Epic Lego Treatment

The perfect gift (or self-gift) for nerds: over 3,300 pieces of pure movie magic includes moving parts and all-new LEGO minifigs.


It’s been three decades since Michael Keaton hopped into a comically, well, batshit crime-fighting mobile and walloped that terrifying grin off Jack Nicholson’s face in the 1989 film Batman. As a hyperbolic take on the original comic and television franchise, Tim Burton’s entries into the Bat-lore are arguably the best and, despite not actually being the first (Adam West beat them to the punch by decades), considered the true O.G. of Bat-flicks. Burton’s take on the Batmobile was especially wild: essentially, it was a side-by-side fighter-jet cockpit mounted atop a turbine engine, replete with fins that would make any mid-century Cadillac cower in fear.

Now, Lego — which seems dead-set on producing some of the nerdiest/most extreme cars in history, real or cinematic (see also: 007’s DB5, the Bugatti Chiron, Ferrari F40 and VW T1 Camper Van and Porsche 911 GT3 RS) — has pulled out all the stops with the granddaddy of Batmobiles. It’s one of the brand’s bigger sets, coming in at 3,306 pieces and a final build length of 23-freaking-inches. You could say it’s a set for serious blockheads.

For context, the recent ’60s-era Mustang set, which takes solid dedication, space and time (also maybe some bourbon) to build is made up of only 1,471 pieces. But this new 23-inch-long Batmobile set outdoes the Mustang quite a lot; to wit: its included rotating display (á la the Batcave, thankyouverymuch), slide-open cockpit and hidden machine guns. Not to mention three new minifigs: The Joker, Bruce Wayne’s love interest Vicki Vale and, of course, the Dark Knight himself, replete with a Burton-era cape.

Launching as part of Lego’s Black Friday events, anyone purchasing a set between November 29 and December 5 with also get a free mini replica of the original Batmobile, too. The set is $249.99 — a small price to pay to keep Gotham clown-free.

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