20 Car Concepts, Rumors and Oddities From 2018

There were some hard-to-pin-down concepts, rumors and oddities in the automotive realm in 2018, these are 20 of our favorites.


There have been more than a few announcements, product releases and teasers over the past year that defy categorization. Like, for instance, a 5,599-piece Lego set of a Bugatti Chiron or a three-wheeled 1+1 electric commuter vehicle or a 192-horsepower Honda… lawnmower. These are 20 of our favorite hard-to-pin-down concepts, rumors, and oddities in the 2018 automotive realm.

The Sub-$15,000 High-Performance Off-Roader You’ve Been Waiting For

It's the first Polaris single-seater to be given legitimate power and serious running gear.

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This Throwback RC Bronco 4×4 Will Make You the Coolest Kid on the Block

Classic Ford Broncos -- even small ones -- with cool graphics are seventeen times as badass

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LEGO’s New 1968 Mustang Fastback Is $15 and Completely Awesome

This kit is part of the brand's Speed Champion collection and, especially compared to other very cool kits, it's a massive bargain. It belongs on your desk at work (since you probably won't put a...

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For $27,000 You Can Have a Way Better Off-Roader Than a Base Jeep Wrangler

If you want a vehicle to go grocery shopping, commute in or be allowed on must public roads, sure, the Jeep makes way more sense, but it's not nearly as fun.

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This Is the Most Revealing Tease Yet of the New Ford Bronco

It further suggests most everyone's suspicion that the truck will be a truly rugged, capable off-roader based on the Ranger truck platform.

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Honda’s New Riding Lawn Mower Is Faster Than Your Car

192 horsepower of grass-cutting prowess.

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Lincoln Is Finally Bringing Back Suicide Doors, Essentially Making Everyone’s Dreams Come True

The heavily-substantiated rumor that Lincoln is bringing back the suicide door is literally the best news (concerning ultra-specific details on under-purchased, premium-grade luxury cars) I've read in recent memory (read: the last couple months).

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This Is Volkswagen’s New Pickup Concept. Here’s Why They Should Make It

Why unibody construction makes sense on pickups.

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A New Dirt Devouring Off-Roading Super Truck Is on the Way

It looks like the Ram Rebel TRX Concept is coming to life.

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An Relatively Affordable Armored Car Small Enough to Fit in Your Garage

Armored vehicles aren't just for the military.

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The Custom Land Rover: Safer Than You Can Imagine

Custom Land Rovers are a dime-a-dozen these days. If you really want to stand out this 1974 Land Rover Series III is your ticket.

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The LEGO Bugatti Chiron Is Nearly as Complex as the Real Thing

The LEGO Technic Chiron's W16 engine features pistons that move; inside the cockpit are paddle shifters that click and clack; the rear wing is adjustable, as in the actual car; in the storage compartment, you...

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The New Suzuki Jimny Is the Tiny Off-Roader of Our Dreams

But can it stay true to its pared-down roots while offering modern amenities and refinement?

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The Most Iconic Bond Car Is Now a Functional Lego Set

Lego dialed it up to 11 (or, at least 007) with the 1,295-piece James Bond Aston Martin DB5.

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Porsche is Recreating a Classic on Its Best Modern Platform

If you look close enough and do the math, it's actually quite obvious what Porsche is cooking up.

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Pop-Up Headlights Were Dead, Until Now

If you haven't noticed, pop-up headlights disappeared from production cars over a decade ago, but the Ares Panther is bringing them back this October.

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Inspired by Vintage Speedsters of the ’60s, Infiniti’s Stunning Show Car Signals Its Design Future

Prototype 10 showcases elements of what shapes and performance cues we might expect as the brand moves into its next phase.

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This Funky Two-Seater Is the Arcimoto FUV, and It May Change the World

This isn't the choice for speed demons or motorcycle daredevils, but rather for measured, forward-thinking early adopters.

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The New 911 Speedster Is the Purest Porsche You Could Hope For

The Speedster is an exercise in lightweight: there are nylon pull-loops for interior door handles and no center console to speak of.

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The M2 CS Is the Car BMW Should’ve Made All Along

A hardcore, lightened M2 CS is on the way in 2020, which just begs the question, why did this type of car ever disappear from the lineup, to begin with?

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The Future of Porsche Will Be Priced to Fight Tesla

The All-electric Porsche Taycan will be priced to be more affordable than the Panamera Sedan, putting it in the same ring as the Tesla Model S.

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