These Are the 2020 Model Year Cars You Should Know About in 2019

Wrapping up the end of one year means looking forward to the cars of the next year.

land rover defender gear patrol exterior action feature

As 2019 comes to an end, we look forward to the cars of 2020 we can’t wait to drive. Check out our reviews and you’ll probably be just as excited as we are about these cars. We also explain why the 2020 Genesis G70 is worth your attention, and we’ve got an interview with a GM designer who justifies the 2020 Chevy Corvette’s odd interior.

2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S Review: Don’t Fear the Future

Porsche's new electric car proves that driving fun won't go extinct with the internal combustion engine.

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2020 Subaru Outback Review: Hitting All the Right Notes

The all-new Subaru Outback doesn't look all that new. But that's because it's giving buyers exactly what they want: the same car as always, just better.

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2020 Ford Explorer Review: Setting the Benchmark for American SUVs

The all-new Explorer marks a return to class-leading form for one of the most recognizable sport-utility nameplates on the market.

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The All-New Land Rover Defender, Revealed At Last

The wait is over: Meet the all-new Defender. What do you think?

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2020 Porsche 911 Carrera Review: Better In Almost Literally Every Way

This eighth generation is bigger in many dimensions, wonderfully powerful and strikingly fast – more so than its predecessor by a longshot.

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Why You Should Care About the 2020 Genesis G70

Sporty, luxurious and priced just right, the G70 has the moves to make a splash in the sedan market.

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A GM Designer Explains Why the 2020 Chevy Corvette’s Interior Looks So Odd

Why does the sexy new Corvette have such a weird layout inside? We went to find out.

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