This 4-Wheel-Drive Camper Van Is a Luxurious, Motorcycle-Hauling Land Yacht

The Landyacht combines a yacht-like interior, off-road capability and motorcycle storage.

“Land yacht” has become a common term for large, luxurious vehicles such as giant Cadillacs or modern Toyota Land Cruisers. Now, a German company called VR Motorhomes has built a “land yacht” camper van — one that combines an upscale, yacht-like interior with enough lithium-ion battery capacity to practically sail around the world.

In addition, VR Motorhomes’ Landyacht has a four-wheel-drive system for hitting the trail, and a garage-like storage compartment that can hold up to three motorcycles. The bed area can be folded up into dual panels, to add height to the garage storage area. The folding panels are airtight to keep the motorcycle fumes out of the sleeping zone.

The base van is a 4×4 MAN-TGE with a 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel that puts out about 174 horsepower. It can come in either a large 291-inch wheelbase version or a mid-size 269-inch wheelbase one.  The cabin also includes a central wet bath, a kitchenette and a four-seater dinette.

According to New Atlas, the pricing for a new Landyacht build begins around $95,000 — but sadly, it won’t be sold in the U.S. market. For that yacht-like feel in America, you could check out Bowlus Road Chief’s Wave Bespoke Edition trailer. But it’s more than twice as expensive and won’t hold your bikes.

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