Lisa Airplanes Akoya

Bring the scuba gear and the ski pants


The world of light sport aircraft is ever-expanding, giving rise to fairly affordable aircraft that doesn’t cost you Lear Jet “arm-and-a-leg” prices. One of the newest and most unique offerings is the LiSA Airplanes AKOYA, a revolutionary personal aircraft that has the ability to take off and land on the ground, water, or snow, known as Multi-Access technology.

The AKOYA uses two hydrofoils (the world’s first), which allow the plane to take off from water quickly. It also departs from standard seaplanes, in that it has no float, hull nor step, which means that it isn’t encumbered in the air by bulky appendages that impair aerodynamics. The AKOYA also has fully retractable landing gear equipped with skis, and folding wings that allow easier storage. Not only is the versatility impressive. So is the 1,000 range and 36 mpg. So, next time you need to take off from the San Francisco Bay, land at ski resort in Tahoe and drop into the Grand Canyon, just saddle up in the AKOYA and you’ll be good to go.

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