Dinoot Modular Camping Trailers

Pin a Tail on Your Donkey


Unless you’re fastpacking, any trip involving more than two people (kids, especially) maxes out vehicle cubic space before you run out of things you need to bring. Dinoot Modular Camping Trailers ($789+) let you take everything on your list, plus everything on your wife’s list, too. With modular, build-as-you-go setup, each trailer is customizable to your particular adventure.

Lots of on-road travel with kids and a couple of dogs? A lightweight, bolted compact build might just meet your needs. Taking the CJ off-road for an extended camping trip in the back country over broken terrain? Go for the extended version with a heavy-duty welded frame. Each kit comprises a frame, a floor you add (plywood, aluminum sheeting or steel, in order of durability and weight), and a tub kit. Extra additions range from tailgates, LED lighting and rack systems, to full tents that sit atop the trailer. Moreover, Dinoot continues to push the envelope with a number of “soon-to-be released” options, including a compact motorcycle trailer. Now you have no excuse for leaving the kids/comfort items/keg/kitchen sink at home.

Buy Now: Compact Base $789+ | Extended Base $889+

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