Replace Your Home With This Tiny, Well-Appointed Camper Van

This camper van can help you go off-the-grid, or off the dispiriting urban real estate carousel.

Urban living is romantic in theory. But, if you’re flying solo, the reality can be decidedly less so: Sharing personal space with weird roommates can be dispiriting, and renting your own place can be alarmingly expensive. Ohio-based manufacturer Advanced RV produced a compelling alternative with its “The Last Resort” build, a compact campervan ready for full-time residence and city living.

Advanced RV used a 144-inch medium wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter van. The sleeping compartment, which looks as though it could fit two in a pinch, is in the rear. The van includes a full wet bath with wood flooring, a galley kitchen, a toaster oven, and a reasonably large refrigerator. The on-board computer is an ultra-wide 29-inch monitor that presumably could be diverted to video or gaming. One useful feature for urban parking is the lack of windows for maximum privacy. (There is, however, a skylight for natural lighting.)

The Last Resort would not be a perfect living situation. Moving your home on street cleaning days would be a pain. But, this camper van would meet the requirements of many city dwellers as a place to sleep, to bathe, to caffeinate, and to remain away from during the daylight hours. You could control your commute on the weekdays, escape the city on the weekends, and, crucially, regulate the heat during the winter months.

Advanced RV did not reveal the pricing for The Last Resort, but one imagines it’s costly. Two Sprinter-based pre-owned models on the company’s website are selling for about $90,000 and $240,000, respectively, though the cost pales in comparison to real estate in many urban areas. And unlike some of our favorite camper vans, you can buy The Last Resort in the U.S.

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