Nokian Tyres Will Keep You Safe and Rolling Smooth

Reinforced with Aramid Armor and designed for performance and safety, the ONE HT tires will take you seamlessly from bumpy backroads to crowded concrete jungles.


A piece of practical “dadvice”: Invest in the products that come between you and the ground — like your bed, your boots and your tires. As far as the latter is concerned, Nokian Tyres’ new ONE HT light truck and SUV tires are designed with performance and safety in mind and are built for seamless transitions between bumpy backroads and crowded concrete jungles, regardless of the weather. The ultra-strong Aramid fibers embedded in each tire’s sidewall compound bring tangible improvements to durability and puncture-resistance, and additional Aramid fiber reinforcements along the tread of Nokian’s LT-metric tires effectively create a veritable shield of Aramid Armor. They’re also manufactured according to Nokian Tyres’ rigorous sustainability standards, making them some of the most eco-friendly options on the market. If nothing else, your dad will sleep a bit easier knowing you’ve got a good set of tires on your car — unless, of course, he ignored his own advice and bought himself a cheap-o mattress, in which case he’ll be, well…tired.

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