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10 Great Wool Blankets to Keep You Warm This Winter

Moisture-resistant, warm, odor-resistant and more, wool is the best choice for a warm winter blanket.

collage of three wool blankets

Let’s not mince words — wool is the king of cold-weather textiles. The product of shearing an animal, cleaning the coat, carding it into slivers and spinning it into yarn, wool is simple enough. But wool is high-tech, too: the cuticle of wool fiber is hydrophobic, meaning it dispels water quickly, and because those same fibers aren’t straight, you end up with air pockets that trap heat. Wool even wicks moisture and prevents the kind of bacteria build-up that usually leads to odors.

These attributes make wool the perfect material for blankets and throws. Get one to drape over the arm of your favorite chair, or simply keep it in the trunk of your car to safeguard against emergencies. It's also worth noting that wool blankets are one of the few mass-produced products that are still fairly commonly made in America. Though there are only a handful of quality woolen mills in America that are still in operation, with the most prominent being Faribault Mill in Minnesota and Pendleton in Oregon, their blankets aren't that difficult to find, and fully half of our picks for the best wool blankets below are indeed made in the USA.

The Best Wool Blankets

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Best Sustainable Wool Blanket
Avocado Alpaca Wool Throws
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Best Outdoor Wool Blanket
Faribault Cabin Wool Throw
Best Alpaca Wool Blanket
The Citizenry La Calle Alpaca Throw
Best Cashmere Wool Blanket
Brooklinen Cashmere-Lambswool Throw Blanket
Softest Wool Blanket
Tekla Virgin Wool Blanket
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Best Designer Wool Blanket
Herman Miller Girard Throw
Best Machine-Washable Wool Blanket
L.L. Bean Washable Wool Blanket
Best Warm Wool Blanket
Woolrich Archival Wool and Sherpa Buffalo Check Blanket
Best Fringed Wool Blanket
Avoca Donegal Wool Throw
Best American-Made Wool Blanket
Pendleton Harding Jacquard Wool Blanket
Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.
Assistant Editor, Home and Design Will Price is Gear Patrol’s home and drinks editor.
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