Could This Porsche 911 Be the Perfect Custom Off-Roader?

This Ruf is ready to rip up some gravel roads.

Combining a sports car and an off-roader may seem like an impossible feat. Even if everything goes perfectly, reason would suggest, you’ll still be left with something of a houseboat — which, as the saying goes, isn’t very good at being a house or a boat.

Ruf’s new off-roading Porsche 911, however…well, let’s just say it’s the sort of houseboat we’d happily sail along in forever.

The Ruf Rodeo Concept, as it’s called, distinguishes itself from the famous Porsche tuner’s other cars with a lifted suspension and all terrain tires; combined with all-wheel-drive, it’s sure to pack far more off-road capability than the vast majority of 911s ever to roll off the line. There’s a burly brush guard up front for protection and off-road lamps for added visibility, just like on our favorite Singer-modified 911.

Up top, there’s a roof rack designed to supplement the 911’s traditionally meager cargo bay, while a sweet-looking shovel sits atop the hood on the stern. Inside, there’s a roll cage to help support the carbon fiber chassis, but most occupants will probably be too distracted by the Southwestern-themed decor to notice.

Sadly, it’s just a concept, for now. But between this car and Marc Phillipp Gemballa’s 959-inspired off-road 911, it seems as though there’s a growing market for rear-engined Porsches that can go far further afield than most sports cars. It’s a trend that we’re thoroughly behind, and we’d love to see other aftermarket car companies explore it with other cars. Off-road Ferrari GTC4Lusso, anyone?

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