Here’s What It’s Like to Own a Rare, Singer-Customized Porsche 911

We went for a spin with an owner to find out what it’s like to possess one of these beauties.

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Even in this wild world of multimillion-dollar supercars and impeccable restomods, few cars can compare to a Singer-customized Porsche 911. For the last 10 years, the small California-based tuning shop has been “reimagining” 964-generation 911s into bespoke works of art worthy of the greatest garages on the planet.

Their prices may make Ferraris and Lamborghinis look downright affordable, but a few minutes spent in the company of one is enough to understand the appeal. Singer Vehicle Design, as the company is formally known, likes to say that “everything is important” when it comes to their cars, and that attention to detail becomes apparent when you spend time with one. Few cars — whether modified or in original production form — come close to matching the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every one of their customized 911s.

On a recent fall day, Drew Coblitz, the owner of this gorgeous blue Singer-modified 911, was kind enough to not only show off his pride and joy on the farm roads of Pennsylvania for us, but to chat openly (and eloquently) about the appeal of these custom Porsches, and why he chose to add one to his collection. Check it out in the video above.

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