One of the Best Radar Detectors on the Market Just Got Even Better

If it saves you from one speeding ticket, it’s worth the expense.


Hey, you. Yeah, you. Do you like to drive fast? Well, you’re reading a story with the words “radar detector” on the motoring section of a website, so odds are pretty good you do. In which case, a follow-up: Do you have a radar detector? Because you really should. And if you’re going to buy a radar detector, you really ought to spring for the best. A cheap radar detector is almost worse than none at all, because it can lull you into a false sense of security. A good one, though, provides reliable warnings about the presence of lurking law enforcement officers on a mission to suck your pocket dry (and jack up your insurance rates).

Valentine One has long been rated one of the best radar detector manufacturers out there; while its trademark product, the V1, may not have changed much over the last 30 years on the outside, its guts have been constantly reinvented to provide better detection and keep up with the ever-advancing radar and laser arms race. Now, however, it’s getting a facelift to go along with some new tech beneath the skin.

The V1 Gen2 radar detector that just debuted still bears a passing resemblance to the previous model, but the face has ditched the previous knob controls for a pair of top-mounted click wheels. Valentine One says the new detector’s all-new, military-inspired sensors make it far more sensitive to Ka-band radar, the kind commonly used by police on patrol. It’s also designed to throw up fewer false positives from things like laser-guided active cruise control.

There’s a lot more technical jargon in there, but here’s the long and short of it: the V1 Gen2 should be better at giving you advance warning of speed traps and the police, while giving you fewer false alarms. Sure, that $499 price isn’t cheap…but it’s still less than you’d probably spend on a speeding ticket and the according jump in your car insurance.

Buy Now: $499

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