The 2-Door Range Rover Lives Once More, But At a Price

A coachbuilder picks up Land Rover’s discarded idea and runs with it.

When the Land Rover Range Rover debuted back in 1970, it was — not surprisingly — very, very different from the elegant off-roader rolling off assembly lines today. Perhaps the most obvious difference, though, was the number of doors; for the first 11 years of its existence, the Range Rover only came in a two-door version, versus the four doors found on every Rangie today. A couple years ago, it looked as though past would be come prologue once more; Land Rover rolled out a two-door Range Rover called the SV Coupe, and teased that it would reach limited production (albeit at the astronomical price of $295,995). Then the company walked it back, saying it would be better served to pour that money into future model development.

But the idea lit a fire under the folks at Netherlands-based coachbuilder Niels van Roij Design. So the Dutchmen picked up the ball Land Rover dropped and ran with it, whipping up their very own coupe version of the current Range Rover.

The Adventum Coupé, as the two-door Rangie is called, is based on the full-bore Range Rover — the full-size, O.G. version with the supercharged 5.0-liter V8. Every piece of sheet metal apart from the hood, tailgate and fenders is bespoke, hammered out from aluminum by Niels van Roij Design specifically for the vehicle.

While the exteriors of the few Adventum Coupés that’ll ever grace the streets will all look the same, the interiors will likely vary greatly; Niels van Roij describes the creation of each one as “co-design process” between his group and the client, with the latter able to chose from a dizzying number of custom options for the interior. (The model seen above, for example, boasts a full-length teak floor and quad red leather captain’s chairs.)

Of course, all this comes at a price. While a basic Range Rover can be yours for a hair more than $90,000 and a top-of-the-line SVAutobiography Dynamic model starts at $178,500, the Adventum Coupé starts at a hair under £235,000, which works out to about $295,000 at current exchange rates — almost exactly what Land Rover’s Range Rover SV Coupe would have started at. Of course, that’s just the starting price; go nuts with those custom choices van Roij spoke about, and that’ll likely rise. Still, for some Range Rover buyers, no price is likely too high to have the coolest one on the block.

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