This Gadget Brings Iron Man Tech to Motorcycle Helmets, And It’s Blowing Up Kickstarter

The EyeRide HUD brings Stark-worthy advantages to the riding experience.


Of all the cool features packed into Tony Stark’s Iron Man armors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — repulsor jets that let him fly, super-strong servos that let him lift cars, nanites that reconfigure in seconds — we always had something of a soft spot for the heads-up displays the suits used. Unlike, y’know, the repulsor jets and nanites, they always seemed closer to real life — as well as a both useful and cool way to show relevant information.

Well, good news: you can’t buy your own Mark III flying armor, but you can add an Iron Man-like heads-up display to your motorcycle helmet. And you don’t need to be Tony Stark rich to do it, either.

The EyeRide HUD, admittedly, isn’t quite as cool as Stark’s full-vision displays, but it’s pretty damn neat for real-world tech you can actually buy. The device consists of a small OLED screen that’s projected onto a transparent surface suspended from the end of a long arm mounted to the inside of your helmet. In-helmet speakers and a microphone enable phone calls, music listening and voice commands, even if Siri is no match for JARVIS. And a control knob that mounts to the outside of your helmet lets you toggle between apps like Google Maps and Spotify.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given how cool it is, the project exploded on Kickstarter. While the France-based creators set an original goal of $12,869 for the project, it’s currently bankrolled to a stunning $906,504 as of this writing. The basic kit — consisting of the HUD, audio kit and microphone — runs you around $323, and the company says it’ll be at your door “before summer holidays” if you order now. Considering we’re all likely to wind up with serious cabin fever in the interceding months, we’re guessing that’ll be right around the time everyone hits the open road as much as possible.

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