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5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Car for Less Than $100

A lot of the fancy features on new luxury cars don’t cost as much to add to your old ride as you think.


It’s not hard to see the new appeal of a new car. Even if your existing ride is paid off and works fine, new cars offer fresh designs, groundbreaking tech, added performance and many novel features — many of which are added as much in order to keep customers coming back over and over again as for any practical reason. (Indeed, much of the car industry is predicated on keeping buyers in fresh metal; that’s a significant reason manufacturers are offering buyers payment deferments and extended 0 percent financing right now.)

But if you are sticking with your old ride, there are plenty ways to make it feel more luxurious, technologically updated and more functional without dropping a ton of money.

Below are five ways you can update your car and make it feel fresh — all while spending less than $100 on any of them.

Add a heated/massaging car seat cushion

Heated seats often mark the difference between base and higher-end trims in cars, while massaging seats are usually reserved for high-end luxury cars. This Sotion model on Amazon adds both to your existing ride for $50.

BUY NOW: $50

Install a backup camera

What’s the most noticeable difference between an older car and a new one? A backup camera, which became required by law starting in 2018. You can install one to your older ride without spending a lot of money, though.. The eRapta ERT01 is easy to install, weatherproof — and costs far less than a newer car.

BUY NOW: $40

Replace your spark plugs

Your engine’s combustion is only as good as your spark plugs. Unlike many things in your engine, spark plugs are cheap and relatively easy to replace. You can grab this Bosch Iridium replacement set of four plugs for less than $40.

BUY NOW: $36

Restore your headlights

Revitalized headlights help your older ride look great and help you see at night. This Meguiar’s kit can help you get them sorted out for less than $30.

BUY NOW: $29

Install a Head-Up Display

The head-up displays in new cars keep your eyes where they belong — on the road. This simple $30 unit from AceCar gives you the information you need from your instrument cluster on your windshield.

BUY NOW: $30

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