Looking For the Best Affordable Porsche? Buy a Used Macan

Porsche’s most popular car is also the best to buy used.


Porsche makes quality cars. Few people would quibble with that assertion. For an emphatic majority of us, though, the trouble is affording them. Porsches are expensive to buy new, and if you’re waiting for that choice used 911 or Cayman to depreciate into your price range, you’ll be waiting quite a while (if it happens at all).

There is, however, a way to cheat that truism. You can grab a great, relatively new, low-mileage Porsche at an affordable price…if you buy a used Macan.

The Macan has been a massive hit since Porsche debuted it in 2014. It’s a compact crossover — the type car most Americans who aren’t buying pickup trucks want. It’s also, simply put, brilliant. We’ve progressed well beyond Porsche SUVs being shameful products to help the company’s bottom line; the Macan has been a fixture on Car and Driver 10 Best lists because it’s excellent to drive, like a proper Porsche should be.

Most years, the Macan is far and away Porsche’s best-selling car. In 2019, the Macan outsold the 911, 718 Cayman/Boxster, Panamera and Taycan — combined. That means there are a lot of Macans kicking around the used-car market. Plus, while people may buy a Boxster and keep it around in the garage for 10 years, the Macan is a daily-driving crossover that many buyers lease. These factors have created a glut of used Macans in the marketplace.


As such, prices are lower than you would think. I ran a quick 40-mile search on Cars.com in my local Detroit area. It’s not Porsche country, but I still turned up 15 Macans from 2016 or newer with asking prices of less than $40,000.

Base models can be had for under $35K; here’s a 2018 Macan with around 18,000 miles for $34,650. We wouldn’t blame you for wanting to upgrade to the Macan S with the 3.0-liter V6 and 86 additional horsepower, though — and luckily, those are cheap too. Here’s a 2016 Macan S with under 20,000 miles on the clock for $38,930. If you can accept a few more miles, here’s a 2015 Macan S I found with around 35,000 miles for $31,777.

Is a Macan the Porsche you’ve been dreaming of? Maybe not. But getting a sparingly used Porsche for about the price you would pay for a loaded Toyota RAV4 is still a spectacular deal.

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