Best Sports Cars at Detroit 2013

As happy as we are to see a smorgasbord of automotive selections at the Detroit Auto Show this year, our pulses raced especially fast for sports cars. But even the definition of a sports car has changed.

Speed, handling and looks. Personality is overrated.

As happy as we were to see a smorgasbord of automotive selections at the Detroit Auto Show this year, our pulses raced especially fast for the sexiest, sleekest, fastest set. But even the definition of a sports car has changed. They don’t always have two doors anymore, and they may never even set tire on a track. But some things never change; what a sports car can still can do (at least the good ones) is perform — and put a crick in your neck from looking too hard. Here are some of our favorites from NAIAS 2013.

Acura NSX Concept


Though the second coming of the “Poor Man’s Ferrari” is a few years from hitting showrooms, the concept has been updated with an actual interior. None of the exterior appears to have been changed, as the crazy carbon fiber wheels and small side mirrors are still present. As much as we still love the original, it really is high time a new one emerged. This Acura appears worthy, modern and even more eye-catching than the first. We’ll take ours in black.

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Audi RS7


Okay, so it’s not so much a sports car as it is a completely bonkers sports sedan. We’re not counting doors, only performance and panache, and the RS7 has those in droves. Never has a trip out with friends been as neck-snapping as this, delivered by way of a 560 horsepower twin-turbo V8 that rips to 60 in under 4 seconds and tops out at 189 mph (with Dynamic Package Plus, which removes the pointless speed governor). Don’t worry, fuel misers. The cylinder deactivation kicks in when the driving becomes more tame, but you can always get the fully monty by goosing the throttle if needed (and wanted). The hatchback part lends to more practicality and a pretty sweet profile.

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Corvette Stingray


What is there to say about the most anticipated unveiling at the Detroit Auto Show? Well, it was nine years in the making, so it’d better be big. And it looks like Chevy met all expectations: 450 horses and 450 lb-ft of torque deliver true supercar performance. The pushrod V8 remains, but this time it’s in the form of a 6.2-liter small block that launches the C7 to 60 in under 4 seconds. The exterior is more angular and exotic, and the interior is easily a few steps up from the C6. Plus, we love the return of the Stingray name. Ford likes horses and snakes. Chevy likes sea life.

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BMW M6 Gran Coupe


What’s better than a BMW Motorsport-powered two-door sports coupe? How about one with two more doors? Quite possibly BMW’s most beautiful design in their current lineup, the Gran Coupe has been M-ified. This will hopefully temporarily satisfy the BMW cognoscenti, who’ve been holding their breath for an M7 since the earth’s crust formed. The M6 Gran Coupe boasts 560 horsepower from a 4.4-liter turbocharged V8. It only takes 4.1 seconds to get to 60, which is quicker than the lighter M5. Do it up in frozen matte paint, and you’ve got yourself a German performer that does angry stealth better than just about anyone.

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Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible


Don’t call it a blue-blooded limo. This 12-cylinder convertible is equal parts posh and hustle. With a furious top speed in excess of 200 mph and a wood interior that makes your antique roll-top desk look like an Ikea clearance item, this top-end Continental will shame most lighter and lower automobiles as you wipe the Grey Poupon from your sloppy mouth. It just so happens to be a sports car that masquerades as the ultimate in luxury. See? You can be rich, fast, and utterly content.

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