The New Ford Bronco Could Boast Crazy Suspension Tricks to Help It Fight the Wrangler

A new Ford suspension system could let the Bronco literally dance to the music.


Ford had to cancel the Bronco launch originally scheduled for last month due to the coronavirus pandemic. Those of us eagerly awaiting the new off-roader have been left grasping for whatever news trickles out from the company in spite.

Well, we’re in luck: on Tuesday, Motor Trend uncovered a Ford patent detailing what could be an incredibly complex and tech-forward suspension setup for the new Bronco. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that Ford has also trademarked something called “G.O.A.T.” modes?

The patent Motor Trend dug up is for something that calls itself “Anomaly Mitigation Suspension Mode.” The system would monitor factors like terrain, traffic and weather, as well as user inputs, to optimize the vehicle’s ride height and suspension setup. The patent lists more than 20 different modes. A “Daredevil” mode would let the vehicle drive on two or three wheels, presumably to clear off-road obstacles. A
“Music” mode would let the car bop around along to music — presumably for those wanting the Bronco to literally back that ass up. There are also “Expert” and “Novice” modes that could help cater the vehicle to a driver’s abilities.

Admittedly, Ford patents some really weird stuff, and not every idea makes it to production vehicles, so there’s a chance this is all just vaporware. That said, this sophisticated suspension system seems like it could give the Bronco — not to mention the Ranger and new F-150 — some exciting capability both on and off the road that would help it battle the likes of the Jeep Wrangler and other off-road icons.

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