The New Electric Hummer Is Shaping Up to Be One of the Coolest Trucks of the Year

GMC’s new Hummer EV is coming and we just learned about one very significant feature.


After many years of languishing in used car lots alone, the Hummer will return next year — as a GMC-branded electric super-truck. Originally, May 20th was supposed to be the new vehicle’s big in-person reveal; that was pushed back, for, well, obvious reasons. But GM did use the date to drop a teaser video showing off a feature of the new EV that has been, until now, a unique feature for the Jeep Gladiator among pickup trucks: a removable roof.

GM offered few details, such as what’s going on with the doors, how the roof panels remove, and whether said panels could fit in, say, the Hummer’s frunk. But a removable roof should add to the appeal of the electric truck, which seems hell-bent on appealing to everyone by doing everything. Potential electric competitors like the Tesla Cybertruck will be fully enclosed.

In addition to a Wrangler/Gladiator-style open-air trail experience, the Hummer EV will deliver muscle car performance, with up to 1,000 horsepower and a 0-60 mph time as low as 3.0 seconds. It will, of course, have zero emissions, for those concerned about the environment. It will offer up to 400 miles of claimed range, to alleviate range anxiety. GM may also be targeting the crowd that enjoys a nicer interior; the teaser video also gave us a glimpse of what appears to be two massive digital displays for the instrument panel and infotainment system.

It’s not clear how trying to make the Hummer into a car that combines classic Humvee looks, Jeep-like open air driving, Tesla-like electric power and acceleration and full size pickup capability into a single vehicle will play out with buyers. (Also unclear: how much this do-it-all ride will cost.) That said, we fully expect it’ll go better than GM’s 2000s-era attempt to do everything and make every compromise…the Chevy SSR.

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