This Is Our Best Look Yet at Nissan’s New Z-Car

Nissan’s new sports car is coming, and it looks like enthusiasts will love the styling.


News has been trickling out very, very slowly about the long-awaited Nissan 370Z replacement. We’ve seen a new trademarked logo, and received word of a a reported name: the 400Z.

Now, however, Nissan has basically confirmed this new sports car is en route. The company released a preview of its lineup called from “A to Z,” showing off all the new and improved vehicles coming to the carmaker’s dealerships in the near future. And most notable among them was an all-new Z-branded sports car.

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Judging from the silhouette, the car looks like it has taken its styling cues from Nissan’s iconic 240Z, which should elicit a standing ovation and resounding slow clap from enthusiasts waiting for the new version. The badge that shows up prominently matches up exactly with the trademarked logo, as well, though those old-school proportions and cues have us doubting that it’ll go by “ZX” instead of “Z.”

If the previous reports are true, the new Nissan 400Z should be positioned quite well to take on the Toyota Supra. Per that info, the new Z car would have about 400 horsepower, more than the 382 hp in the 2021 six-cylinder Supra. It will reportedly start below $40,000, which would make it cheaper than that Supra. It may also get something the Supra does not have: a six-speed manual transmission. Here’s hoping we’ll find out more soon.

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