Nissan’s New Z Could Be More Powerful and Cheaper Than the Toyota Supra

A new sports car coming from a Toyota rival could make Supra buyers think twice.

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Last year, Toyota revived the Supra to great critical acclaim. The car, enthusiasts generally agreed, is brilliant — even if it is in many ways a reskinned BMW. But there were a couple of changes that drifted away from the original formula; inflation caused the price to climb, and the lack of a stick shift caused many enthusiasts to think twice.

Those changes could leave the door open for one of Toyota’s Japanese rivals to undercut the Supra with its very own sports car.

Reports suggest Nissan is planning a new generation of the aging 370Z, the 400Z — a car which may have a new logo, too. A report from AllCarNews suggests the 400Z could have some significant advantages versus the Supra when it hits the market.

Nissan’s new sports car could have more horsepower than the Supra, for one. If true, the “400” in 400Z would not be Cadillac-esque metric torque mumbo jumbo; the car’s likely engine, the twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 used in the Infiniti Q50 and Q60, puts out 400 hp. (The 2021 Supra is rated for 382 hp in its most potent form.) The report also says there will be two choices when it comes to the gearbox: some form of NISMO-tuned automatic and, blessedly, a six-speed manual.

Besides having more power and a stick shift option, the report suggests the new 400Z will start below $40,000 — around $10,000 cheaper than the six-cylinder Supra. Toyota does have a Supra offering closer to that price point, but it’s the new four-cylinder version, with less than 300 hp.

Success for Nissan, of course, would depend on whether the 400Z would be an engaging car to drive. But judging from the 370Z, there’s little reason to think that it wouldn’t be. And if Nissan can hit that power and price point, it would give potential Supra buyers — not to mention a lot of other sports car owners — something to think about.

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