There’s an Unbelievable Lease Deal on the Honda Civic Si Right Now

Good luck finding this sort of bargain on any other car this fun to drive.

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We at Gear Patrol have already gone on record saying that the Honda Civic Si is one of the best driver’s cars you can buy for the price. Possessed of a lively chassis and sharp handling, with a punchy turbocharged four-cylinder and a six-speed manual transmission sending power to the front wheels through a limited-slip differential, it’s a delight to drive — plus, in sedan form, it’s a fine family car, with room for four adults and a commodious trunk.

Well, we wish we could bring you news this good more often: the delightful Honda Civic Si is also a spectacular deal right now.

Of course, at a well-equipped base price of $25,200, it was already a great bargain. But right now, according to CarsDirect, Honda is offering a lease deal on the Civis Si sedan that sweetens the pot even further. During the month of June, you can lease a Civic Si for $260 per month and $0 down for 36 months, at 12,000 miles per year.

That, as CarsDirect points out, makes it cheaper to lease than the good-but-far-less-compelling Toyota Corolla Hatchback. A quick perusal of other new car deals shows that to be a far better lease than you can get on the VW GTI ($299/month for 39 months with $3,499 down) or Hyundai Veloster N ($419 per month for 36 months with $2,599 down). It also makes the Civic Si an even better deal than our previous selection for the best car you could snap up on a cheap lease — the Civic Hatchback, which can be yours for roughly the same price.

Granted, if you need an automatic transmission, the Civic Hatchback is still your best bet. And CarsDirect‘s discovery is based on pricing in the Los Angeles area, so it may not be visible on Honda’s website in other areas. Still, considering what a spectacular deal it is, we’d say it’s worth trying to convince any Honda dealership in America to honor it. You might never score so much car for just $260 a month again.

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