Toyota's 2021 Product Onslaught Could Be Led by the New Land Cruiser

A new report offer launch dates for three of Toyota's most anticipated cars.

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Based on a wide variety of reports, Toyota appears to have massive changes to its lineup in store for the next few years, including long-awaited upgrades for its trucks and SUVs. We will likely still need to wait a bit longer for awaited overhauls to the 4Runner and Tacoma, but a new report from the Australian website CarsGuide offers up 2021 launch dates for new versions of the Land Cruiser and Toyota 86, as well as the upcoming Corolla-based crossover.

Here are the details.

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The All-New Toyota Land Cruiser
toyota land cruiser

The report claims the 300-series Land Cruiser will be launching in April 2021, which could see the first vehicles arrive in mid-2021, at least in Australia.

Carsguide says it will, incredibly, be "bigger in every dimension" — which would line up with it, incredibly, being more expensive. The two engines mentioned that would presumably end up in the U.S. would be gas and hybrid versions of Toyota's turbocharged 3.5-liter V6.

Note that previous reporting has suggested the Land Cruiser 300 may not arrive in the U.S. market at all, or may only come as a Lexus.

All-New Toyota 86
toyota 86 white sportscar
Tyler Duffy

Subaru has already unveiled the new BRZ with its naturally aspirated 2.4-liter flat-four, so we more or less know what the 86 will look like. CarsGuide says the debut is scheduled for May 2021 in Japan — with arrival, at least in Australia, a few months later.

All-New Corolla Cross
toyota corolla hatchback

As we've heard elsewhere Toyota has a new crossover planned that will share architecture with the Corolla hatchback. Lining up with the previous reporting, CarsGuide has Toyota launching it in September 2021, with a late 2021 or early 2022 arrival in Australia. You can bet your bottom dollar it'll be coming to America as soon as Toyota can manage, too.


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