Triumph Daytona 675 2010 Special Edition

Own the Award-Winning Bike in a Glorious New Look


Mechanically identical to the award winning standard 2009 Daytona 675, this race-bred sport bike was built to turn heads thanks to new Pearl White body paneling and distinctive Sparkle Blue paint detailing on the swing arm and frame. With the lightest and narrowest chassis in its class (its frame weighs a mere 19lbs), this beast has set new benchmarks for overall agility and handling, making it a dare devil riders dream bike. Let’s not forget the engine though. Featuring a 675cc three-cylinder engine which redlines at 13,900 rpm and outputs a roaring 126 bhp, its got the kind of speed to terrorize all but the the most avid speed addicts.

Outside of the standard trip-related instrumentation, the bike also ships with a lap timer for riders interested in comparing successive lap performance on a circuit, and even calculates an average maximum speed stat for each lap. Topping it all off however is the fully-adjustable 41mm upside down forks and rear monoshock unit suspension, both of which integrate highly sophisticated high and low speed dampening controls which can be tuned to exactly match virtually any riding style preference. Needless to say, it’s closest non-super humans may get to flying without ever leaving the pavement.

Buy Now: $10,299

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