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Motorcycle Jeans That Save Skin and Win Style Points

Denim motorcycle jeans should be your default leg protection.


The necessity for quality motorcycle gear can’t be stressed enough. In a car, you have the benefit of a strong, protective metal cage. When it comes to motorcycles, you need to make sure your layers are comfortable and protective — because they are all you’ve got. You can always go with full race leathers, but that’s overkill for a casual ride. Leather pants are an option but aren’t exactly the the most breathable material. Really, denim is the best option for balancing style and performance, but don’t expect your favorite pair of 501s to save your skin if you go down. These are our picks for jeans that’ll take the beating for you.

Modern motorcycle jeans go above and beyond the fit and wash of your everyday denim. The best motorcycle jeans have Kevlar layers, or even have the bullet-proof material woven into the denim itself to protect against abrasion. What’s more, built-in inner pockets house pads to ensure impact protection. But with all the necessary safety add-ons, it’s easy to get ill-fitting, awkward-looking jeans. We picked out our favorite motorcycle jeans because they have top-of-the-line protection that’ll save your skin, but still look good out of the saddle.

Sport Alloy Riding Jeans by AGV $130

SP-J3 Kevlar Reinforced Jeans by Oxford $150

Charlie Denim by Oscar $260

Strokeville by Dainese $260

Lombord by Rev’It $270

Buckler-K Slim by UglyBros $299

Original Raw jeans by Rokker $469

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