Cycleport Ultra II Air Mesh Kevlar Motorcycle Jacket

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The motorcycles we cover have one thing in common. They are all awesome… from the staid and versatile BMW R1200 GS to the steampunk-esque and apocalyptic Confederate P120 Fighter. But the speed, power and liberation these two-wheelers can provide may also lead to unpredictable dangers including wheel-swallowing potholes, road debris, and soccer moms in titanic SUVs talking on their phones. Though no amount of protection can take the place of street smarts to keep you safe from the aforementioned hazards, it does help to protect your skull with a DOT and SNELL approved helmet and your other vital parts with gear like the custom-fitted Cycleport Ultra II Air Mesh Kevlar Motorcycle Jacket ($429). More like armor than the Schott NYC Classic Racer Motorcycle Jacket, the Ultra II Air Mesh is designed for both maximum protection, with a Kevlar exterior weave, and maximum ventilation for summer riding. Put differently, its substantial but not restrictive.

In addition to its protective construction though, the jacket is actually very comfortable. Remove the optional liner and you can ride in up to 120 degree weather (try that in leather). This summer has proven that. Riding in the jacket has been both comfortable and reassuring. To give you an idea of how well it protects your bacon, denim will rip to shreds on asphalt in 5 feet, leather in 80-100 feet, but Kevlar is 10 times stronger than leather and half the weight. Once you place your order, Cycleport requests your full measurements and then custom makes your jacket, giving you the fit that works best for you. There are myriad customization options, from hardpoint armor to emergency information pockets that house your medical details in case of an accident. Maybe you ride well. Now you can ride smart.

Buy Now: $429

By Amos Kwon

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