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The 5 Best Backpacks for Commuting by Motorcycle

Dependable bags that will stand up to elements while keeping your essentials safe.


Dicing through traffic while caged commuters peer longingly from buses, cars and cabs is a pretty damn satisfying way to spend a morning. Sure, they’re sipping coffee, reading magazines and driving distractedly, but you’ve got your knees in the breeze and a perma-grin behind that helmet. That being said, motorcycle commuting isn’t without its drawbacks.

Lane-splitting isn’t legal outside of California, and the bikes that excel in an urban playground aren’t exactly known for trunk space. You’ll need a backpack: a dependable bag that will stand up to the elements while keeping your essentials safely stowed and ready for the day ahead. But, traditional backpacks hang their weight from your shoulders and restrict articulation, making quick, reactionary moves a battle in the saddle. The bags below — they were built specifically for riders, and they represent the best of the breed.

Urban tank Bag by Icon $100

Giro Backpack by Velomacchi $179

no Drag Mach 5 by Ogio $180

Tahoe Butler Backpack by Tumi $345

R25 Backpack by Kriga $189

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