2011 Ducati Diavel Diamond Black

It's Blaaacckk


Earlier this year, Ducati introduced the Monster 796. A few months later, they busted out the 2011 Diavel – an all-new 162 horsepower, 456 pound, 0-60 mph in 2.6 seconds, technology-laden, two-wheeled miracle machine. So how did Ducati improve on near-perfection? By making it black — diamond black to be precise. The new color scheme is comprised of a black frame, which resides beautifully underneath a black body enhanced with a black anodized headlamp and lateral air intakes. Have no fear, the new color has already been incorporated into production plans and will be available alongside the rest of the Diavels this February. Call it what you want, but we’ll consider it an early Christmas gift.

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