Zero XU Electric Motorcycle

Saved by Zero


We don’t subscribe to the belief that everything purported as “green” is actually worth your time and money — no matter how hard Oprah stares us down. Still, the new Zero XU electric motorcycle makes our good book for a host of reasons. Thanks to aircraft grade aluminum construction, the bike is lightweight and as nimble as it is minimalist in design. It’s also great for short commutes thanks to a 30 mile range, and doesn’t require a garage for revival, since its removable battery pack can be brought inside to charge. Purchasing a second battery can obviously extend the bike’s range. It’s novice friendly too, thanks to a low ride height and there’s no need to learn how to shift, as you do with a conventional two-wheeler. So yeah, this is one mode of transportation that can actually make your life easier and help the environment — just don’t expect to impress the Harley crowd.

Price: $7,995 (March)

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