First Impressions of the Aprilia Dorsoduro and Shiver 900

Choosing between the two isn’t the easiest of tasks.

At first glance, it doesn’t look like much separates the Aprilia Dorsoduro and Shiver 900 except for a larger tank on the Shiver, alternative fairings, different exhausts and subsequently two unique barks. Throwing a leg over each bike, back-to-back, however, highlights that even the smallest of changes can yield two wildly different personalities. I’m not saying choosing between the two is like cross-shopping a sport bike and a cruiser. I’m not even saying they’re two sides of the same coin — they’re more like different shades of the same color.

Even though they have the same engine, the way they’re tuned is one of their defining features. The Dorsoduro feels incredibly more torquey from a standstill and that makes sense seeing as how Aprilia is marketing it as the “hooligan” option. The Shiver, on the other hand, applies its power with a smoother approach. Both bikes have an incredibly light front end and tipping into corners and darting through traffic felt natural on both bikes, but the riding position on the Shiver was a little more aggressive with higher footpegs and a sportier lean over the bars — the Dorsoduro was more upright, a little more relaxed.

As far as first impressions go, these two bikes have a lot to offer. Keep an eye out for an in-depth review of both in the coming days — choosing between the two isn’t the easiest of tasks.

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