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The Best Motorcycle Helmet Upgrades to Improve Life on Two Wheels

We picked out a few of our favorite, more useful add-ons, but don’t tack all of these on your helmet at once.


If you’re the type of rider that loves to upgrade, modify and trick out your motorcycle with useful add-ons to make life in the saddle more manageable, you know the value of gear real estate. After your panniers, tank bag, GPS, heated grips and seat, 12v sockets and extensions, LED rally lights and mounted GoPros, what space do you have left? Well, just use your head — literally.

In its most basic form, the helmet is your single most important piece of gear — it protects your moneymaker after all. But whether you went for a lid that gives you basic protection or snagged the latest, greatest, top-of-the-line model, you can always use some upgrades. We picked out a few of our favorite, more useful add-ons, but don’t tack all of these on your helmet at once. Be reasonable with add-ons; just pick up this gear first.

Speedmetal Wind Stopper Helmet Skirt

Clearly a great addition for the colder months and/or higher altitudes, the Wind Stopper Helmet Skirt does exactly as its name suggests. The Helmet Skirt creates a seal around your neck, trapping warm air in your helmet, and keeps you nice and toasty. Brushing and mouthwash is highly recommended before a long ride.

Buy Now: $15

BluArmor BluSnap

The design is a little bulky but having full-on air conditioning in your helmet is something every rider has wished for at some point or another. BluArmor BluSnap was developed in India to give motorcycle riders some level of relief while riding through traffic. And if you’ve ever seen or been in the traffic in major cities in that country, you can completely understand why that’s where BluArmor BluSnap originated. If it works there, it should have no problem keeping you cool on the 405.

Buy Now: $29

GoPro Chin Bar Mount

Crash bars, suspension tubes and fenders are great places to get action packed, engaging views for your GoPro videos. However, nothing beats a rider’s eye view of the ride — that’s how viewers feel they’re right there with you — the GoPro Chin Bar Mount is the easiest way to get that shot.

Buy Now: $40

Sena 30K Bluetooth Headset

The 30K Bluetooth Headset is the latest from Sena. Along with its sleek, subtle profile, it has a host of upgrades this time around too. You get the standard BlueTooth connectivity, which basically puts your phone and all its functions inside your helmet, but the ‘group ride’ functionality underwent an overhaul as well. The 30K now utilizes a mesh network capable of connecting you to up to 16 other riders. And, if one rider goes out of range, disconnects and then comes back within range, the network automatically links the rider back up, unlike the old Bluetooth system.

Buy Now: $329

NUVIZ Head-Up Display

The NUVIZ is the only one of its kind on the market. It doesn’t project digital displays directly on your visor like a true HUD should, but the unit’s screen provides all the information you need while riding, right where you need it, by connecting to your phone to any other helmet mounted systemsvia Bluetooth link.

Buy Now: $700

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