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The Best Gifts For Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle riders are a different breed, and the gear they need goes above and beyond the usual and mundane.

Chase Pellerin

No matter which way you cut it, riding a motorcycle is a serious lifestyle choice. Whether it’s purely as a means of transportation, a tool to use to get from point A to point B or a way to escape, decompress and explore new reaches you’ve never seen, riding a motorcycle is a fantastic way to involve and ignite different parts of your brain that are normally dormant while driving a car. Motorcycle riders are a different breed; the gear they need goes above and beyond the usual and mundane. To help navigate the world of two wheels here are a few essential gifts for motorcycle riders.

Meta Husqvarna Print

Meta is a powerhouse when it comes to motorcycle-centric videos, short films and stories. This is a slice of their cinematography, frameable. And what better print to do it with than that of the stunning Husqvarna 701?

Buy Now: $39

Full Face Helmet Chin Mount for GoPro

Simply telling everyone about an epic ride will never does it justice – videos from tank-mounted GoPros don’t quite do it either. The Full Face Helmet Chin Mount for GoPro produces true POV-style video.

Buy Now: $40

Velomacchi Speedway Tool Roll

Things don’t always go to plan during a ride. But unlike in a car, if your bike breaks down, you don’t have four doors and roof around you. Riders need tools to (hopefully) fix any issue and keep going. The Velomacchi Speedway Tool Roll is tough enough to withstand the elements and is more than capable of holding all the basic tools.

Buy Now: $75

Kynsho Crossover Cowl

Just in time for the cold weather, Kynsho dropped its winter-ready fleece Crossover Cowl. Made with denim or 100-percent herringbone wool or and an itch-free fleece lining, the snap-closed scarf is designed to keep the wind off your neck and out of your jacket when you’re riding or strolling down the street.

Buy Now: $125

Halley Accessories Helmet Rack

Not all helmet racks are created equal. The Halley Accessories Helmet Rack not only looks like a small piece of modern installation art, its spherical design also eliminates any damaging pressure points when holding your lid. Its form and function in perfect marriage.

Buy Now: $126

Velomacchi Speedway Gloves

Like everything Velomacchi makes, Speedway Gloves are built for speed. They take a little inspiration from the past classic flat track racing gloves but incorporate a touchscreen-friendly weave at the tip of the index finger for a bit of modernity.

Buy Now: $149

Sena 30K Bluetooth Headset

Whether out for a ride with buddies, rolling 10-15 strong or just riding two up, it’s frustrating to yell back and forth on the road or at stop lights. The Sena 30K Bluetooth Headset eliminates the futile yelling and puts an advanced hands-free comms system right in your helmet. Stream music, take calls or link up with five or more riders to effortlessly chat the whole ride.

Buy Now: $296

Easy Rider

Easy Rider is required viewing for any self-respecting motorcycle rider. The motorcycles play a supporting act to Hopper and Fonda on their characters’ journey of self-discovery and awakening. Even if you’ve already seen it, Easy Rider is a great flick to keep in your library.

Buy Now: $13

MÂRKÖ Full Moon

The market is flooded with vintage-style motorcycle helmets right now. There are so many options out there it’ll make your modern lid spin. At the same time, MÂRKÖ is making some standout full-face helmets that are, simply put, beautiful. The Full Moon is a matte black and saddle tan beauty that looks just as stunning sitting on a helmet rack as it does flying down the highway.

Buy Now: $422

Aether Mojave Pants

New for this year, Mojave pants join the long list of sharp and smartly designed motorcycle pants on Aether’s resume. Designed for warmer weather riding, the Mojave pants can tackle anything from adventure riding in the desert to a city-bound commute. As with most of Aether’s riding gear, they look just as good off the bike as they do on.

Buy Now: $425

Hell’s Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga

For two years, Hunter S. Thompson lived with the infamous Hell’s Angels – his book Hell’s Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga captures it all and then some. America was going through strange times in the ’60s and Thomson gives a peek into one of its darkest corners with his usual brutal honesty, humor and unbridled story-telling.

Buy Now: $23

Belstaff Brooklands Motorcycle Jacket

Belstaff is famous for its motorcycle jackets — they’ve built a reputation on nearly a century’s worth dependability, durability and style. The Brooklands Motorcycle Jacket takes Belstaff’s signature style, injects some cafe racer attitude and tops it off with modern protection at the elbows and shoulders.

Buy Now: $695

Belstaff Anderson Boots

Belstaff might be famous for its waxed canvas and leather motorcycle jackets but their boots live up to the name too. Made from Full grain Buffalo leather, the Anderson Boots have the extra heel and toe protection for more-than-just-fashion function. That said, they also make a damn good-looking pair of boots.

Buy Now: $450

Nuviz Heads-Up Display

The motorcycle helmet hasn’t really changed at all in the decades since it was invented. Thankfully, the levels of protection have risen and a host of innovations improved the overall experience; at the core of it, though, the motorcycle helmet is a fairly low-tech item. The Nuviz Heads-Up Display is the first-to-market, bolt-on heads-up display that projects GPS mapping, speed and other vital info to riders on the visor. The motorcycle helmet has finally joined the modern era.

Buy Now: $700

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