One of the Best Motorcycles of 2018 Is Getting a Follow Up

Today, Cake announced a street-legal version of the original Cake electric motorcycle which landed on the GP100, and it’s coming to the US.

Last spring we got a chance to be one of the first to test ride the Swedish-built Cake Kalk electric motorcycle. We loved it so much, it landed on the GP100. The downside to the original Kalk is that it was designed for light off-roading and trails only – it isn’t street legal. Today, however, Cake announced the street-legal version of the original, the “Kalk&.” And it’s coming to the US.

Luckily, Cake didn’t have to change much on the original Kalk to bring it up to road-legal standards. The most obvious differences are the addition of a headlight and turn signals and a longer fender with a license plate mount. When it comes to specs, pricing and performance, Cake was light in details. However, they mention that gearing has been changed to raise the bike’s top speed, making it more suitable for highway riding. An exact speed wasn’t specified, but Cake did say “top speeds have been enhanced, beyond [62 mph], in accordance with highway pacing.”

If the only notable changes are the headlight, fender and gearing, it’s safe to assume the rest of the bike will be near identical to the model we rode in Sweden last May. That bikes’ stats – 16 horsepower, 31 lb-ft of torque, 154-pound overall weight and one-hour charge time – are unlikely to change if not improve. In conversation with Cake’s founder and CEO Stefan Ytterborn, however, the Kalk&’s price tag might be lower than the $14,000 Kalk.

Cake says all will be revealed at the sales launch in March on their website later this year. Expect to know at least an exact price tag, performance specs and availability dates. The March event will also mark the opening of pre-order sales – just $200 will be enough for a deposit.

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