Vilner BMW F800R Predator

Naked in the dark


The BMW F800R is a phenomenal bike in its own right. Nimble, responsive and powerful, the F800R is a rider favorite due to its great naked bike looks and fantastic performance. So, how do you make it better? You send it to Russian tuner, Vilner and let them have at it. The stunning result is the Vilner BMW F800R Predator. This single iteration was custom built for a fortunate and obviously wealthy businessman (who shall remain anonymous as long as he wears a helmet when he rides).

Rendered in carbon fiber composite and chrome, the bike looks even more aggressive than the original. Vilner even added red LED headlights, making the bike look like a pissed off wolf spider. The bike has also been shortened by a full ten inches and a single seat replaces the original double. Final touches include hand stitching on the saddle, a custom exhaust, the clever re-use of hockey-puck BMW Z4 turn signals, and subtle “Predator” labeling to set it apart from your average Beemer, as if there is such a thing.

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