Conquer Trails in Style and Silence With Zero Motorcycles’ New Electric Bike

Zero Motorcycles is bringing the DSR Black Forest Edition—an upfitted version of its most powerful dual sport bike—to the US for 2020.


The electric vehicle game is picking up steam (pun intended). The demand is there, and the foundations have been laid — but the supply of these eco-friendly cars and trucks remains quite limited. So who would have thought it would be the heathens on two wheels who would adopt EVs so openly?

Zero Motorcycles was an early player in the electric motorcycle market, bringing battery-powered performance to the masses to great acclaim with bikes like its new-this-year SR/F. Now, for the 2020 model year, it’s not only simplifying its base-model lineup — it’s even bringing a new model to the U.S. market.

With the newly dressed 2020 lineup, Zero is bringing the DSR Black Forest Edition home to the U.S. (As you might suspect from the name, it originates in Europe.) This model sits at the top of the line of Zero’s dual sport line. It is offered with a number of adventure-specific options, such as integrated luggage, a touring windshield and seat, off-road auxiliary lights and the most powerful battery in the line-up (14.4 kilowatt-hours) to take you far away from home.

The DSR Black Forest Edition sits at the top of the dual-sport line. The starting price is $18,995, but hey, you’ll never need to spend a dime on gas.

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