Triumph’s New Adventure Bike Is Made for Long Rides and Getting Dirty

The new Triumph 900 is lighter and more powerful than its predecessors.

After months of speculation, spy photos and wide-eyed anticipation from the adventure motorcycling world, Triumph has finally revealed their new Tiger 900 –along with a fresh look at its friends across the Tiger line.

The full new line up consists of the new Tiger 900, Tiger 900 GT, 900 GT Low, 900 GT Pro, 900 Rally and 900 Rally Pro. As the model names would suggest, Triumph is offering a range of capabilities within the lineup. The GT models are made to strap up and handle a long tour, while the Rally bikes…well, they gettin’ dirty.

The changes that define the 2020 Tiger 900 begin with an all-new, higher-performance 900-cc motor. The company didn’t just tweak an old motor design and call it new; they designed something fresh. This new motor has a unique firing order of 1-3-2, which the company says results in improved throttle feel, a harder pull at lower revs and a unique new engine sound. The numbers reveal Triumph’s efforts indeed created a more efficient and powerful motor: The new 900 is up 10 percent on peak torque and nearly 9 percent on power from the old 800.

In further efforts to make this new Tiger line more capable, Triumph made a few cosmetic and ergonomic changes as well. For the adventure riders out there, they added dual LED headlamps, a larger fuel tank and a narrower seat, and pushed the handlebars back a touch to offer a straighter riding position. The 2020 Tiger also sports an all-new chassis; not only is it lighter, it now uses a modular construction with bolt-on aluminum rear subframe, making it an even more agile off-roader.

With six new models featuring various options, configurations and riding modes, there’s practically a new Tiger 900 for everyone. The base model only has two riding modes, Rain and Road; the Rally and GT models add Sport and Off-Road to the list; the GT Pro tacks on a fifth, rider-configurable mode; lastly, the Rally Pro offers a model exclusive Off-Road Pro mode. Suffice it to say, there’s a lot going on with this new Tiger 900 — and that’s sure to delight the fans who’ve been waiting to ride it.

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