Husqvarna Is Bringing This Gorgeous Concept Bike to the Streets (and Trails)

Yes, please.

Imagine telling someone 10 years ago that you were going to buy a Husqvarna as your daily commuter or your canyon-ripping cafe bike. Most likely, they’d be confused: either you meant to run a dirt bike every day…or you were an insane lumberjack asking way too much from your chainsaw. After the release of the Svartpilen and Vitpilen, however, not buying a Husky for your daily riding needs seems like the more confusing choice.

Still, the brand’s roots in off-road riding run deep, and it hasn’t forgotten about them. Nearly a month after Husqvarna pulled back the curtain on its buzzy Norden 901 touring concept, they’re giving the moto world an early Christmas present: Husqvarna has officially announced they will be moving the Norden 901 from concept to production.

Husqvarna hasn’t released many details yet, but we do know it’ll be powered by the same twin-cylinder 890-cc motor found in the KTM 890 Duke. Husqvarna is promising a special tune on the 890 KTM motor, as well as a light, narrow design for the overall bike; the Norden will be sporting a higher-series suspension package from WP, and rolling on a 21-in wheel up front and an 18-in wheel out back.

Now, the brand is calling the Norden 901 an adventure tourer. While I have no doubt the Norden will munch highway miles like potato chips, the photos, available specs and Husky’s long history of tearing up dirt suggest these bikes might lean a bit more toward the “adventure” part of that category’s name. Here’s to hoping the Norden 901 raises some eyebrows — and a whole lotta hell.

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