Casper's Hybrid Mattress Tech Keeps You Comfortably Cool and Supported

The Casper Original Hybrid mattress combines springs with high-tech foam to ensure you're well supported all night long.

casper original hybrid mattress

Regardless of where you fall in the "is eating in bed okay?" debate, you have to admit that Casper's Original Hybrid mattress, which features an innovative combination of spring and foam, is like having your cake and eating it too. Clunky metaphors aside, the Original Hybrid is designed to optimize support so you can zzzz in complete comfort (read all about Casper's Hybrid mattresses in the brand's handy guide). Premium foam contours perfectly to the shape of your body, while internal springs are strategically tucked inside to add lift and promote airflow during the night. This is all part of Casper's signature 4D Sleep Technology; built into the Orignal Hybrid you'll also find Zoned Support, which divides the foam into different zones that best align your spine; and thousands of strategic perforations, dubbed Airscape, that regulate your temperature. On top of all that, delivery is free; Casper's famous 100-night, risk-free trial is, as always, in place; and you'll benefit from a 10-year warranty. You don't have to take our word for it: read any of the over 2,600 reviews on Casper's site and you'll see why customers have rated the Orignal Hybrid five out of five stars.

Price: $1,695


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