Clearing the Air: This New ICEMULE Clear Goes Where Other Coolers Can't

ICEMULE has created the first air-insulated, clear cooler, purpose-built for public events that require transparent bags.

man wearing icemule jaunt cooler as a backpack

The ICEMULE Clear 15L may be purpose-built for event spaces where clear bags are mandatory, but the best thing about this transparent cooler is that everyone will be able to see how freaking cool it is. The Clear is a cooler insulated not with foam, not with some stainless steel vacuum situation, but with air — your air. The process is simple: open the air valve, add ice and your bevvies, then blow air into the valve, fold over the top and you're good to go. Air is a great insulator, but it's not as efficient as super high-tech foam. It can handle keeping your drinks cool for about a quarter of the time foam can, and ICEMULE says that guarantees you somewhere around five to seven hours of chill time: more than enough to get through both opening acts and the headliner at a summer festival, or well into overtime at your next outdoor sporting event. This is the first clear, air-insulated cooler of its kind, and since it's totally reusable and very portable you're going to be showing off that elite status in no time flat — and all summer long. [Pro tip: take advantage of the ICEMULE 4th of July sale running from 6/27-7/4, where you can score 20 percent off sitewide.]

Price: $100


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