Fight Burnout and Increase Mindfulness with a Kinetic Sand Table for Your Home

Slow down and stay in the moment with this stylish, tech-forward statement piece. For a limited time, drift by Homedics is up to $75 off.

homedics kinetic sand table

You have a lot on your plate. As if we weren't all busy enough with high-demand careers, parenting – and, you know, life – it can be difficult to handle our modern reality and its constant bombardment of information and crises. Amidst it all, mindfulness can seem like an unattainable pipe dream. Homedics, champions of mental health and self-care, created the drift Kinetic Sand Table, available in cream and black colorways and two sizes, to slow down your world and facilitate at-home mental wellness. Controlled via a mobile app, drift features hundreds of captivating patterns and ambient lighting colors – select your combination of choice, and the small, polished metal sphere rolls through fine sand, creating space for mindful moments. Serving as a meditative touchstone, drift is a simple and beautiful reminder to pause and relax when the overwhelm of at-home work and the pace of life feel like a runaway train. For a limited time, enjoy up to $75 off drift and give yourself or anyone on your list the gift of mindfulness. Better yet, for a limited time, enjoy 20 percent off sitewide during the Homedics Black Friday/Cyber Monday preview.

Price: $400 $350 (16-inch); $500 $425 (20-inch)


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