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Deal: Samsung’s Excellent 4K TVs Are Up to 45% Off

The Super Bowl is coming.


Most experts agree that Samsung’s high-end QLED TVs almost match the excellent contrast levels and true-to-life colors produced by today’s best OLED TVs.* They’re slightly more affordable than OLED TVs, too. All in all, if you’re looking to buy a new 4K TV, Samsung’s QLEDs are some of the best to consider.

Now to the deals. The Super Bowl is coming up and Samsung is slashing the prices on all its beautiful QLEDs (up to 45-percent off!). For a limited time, you can get its 65-inch Q7F for $2,199 — that’s $1,800 off its original price and $300 cheaper than it was on Black Friday. Or you can get its 75-inch Q7F for $3,299 — you save $2,700, which is $200 cheaper than it was going for on Black Friday.

The TVs are still expensive, obviously, but you might not find a better deal on a better 4K TV for some time. In addition to deals on the Q7F, which is its flagship QLED, Samsung is also offering deals in its other QLED TVs. Check out the deals by clicking the below link.

* Samsung has embraced “quantum dots technology” rather than OLED technology like Sony, LG and Vizio. CNET has a good article on the differences between QLED and OLED technologies if you’d like to dive deeper.

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